Testimonials from some of our Heal Yourself Naturally Clients

"I have been extremely lucky to have had Debbie as part of my healing journey. Receiving a session from her is like getting a boost of energy, clarity and peace. She has been able to hold space for me to allow that healing to take place. She has the ability to go into that energy and stay present with me with a pure heart to allow me to be able to shift with more ease. Debbie is a beautiful being that has so much to offer." 

Chantal R.

Debbie is a phenomenal healer!! I have been to see her for a variety of different treatments and I must say, her energy and healing abilities are spot on. After each session, I always left feeling a deeper sense of self, much more peaceful and very relaxed!

Thanks for everything Debbie!

Angie T.


I received an Indian Head Massage from Debbie, I was surprised at how effective it was in relieving the tension in my head, neck and shoulders.  Debbie has a nice soft but firm touch as she works on you.   Afterwards, my whole body felt lighter and more relaxed.   I would recommend a session with Debbie.

Edward L.

Debbie approaches her treatments with kindness and compassion. She is an excellent practitioner with an enormous skill set and a wealth of knowledge. It’s been a privilege to have her hold space for me.

Thank you, Debbie

Suzanne A.

I have had many sessions with Debbie and also attended many of her classes.  Her approach to her work in every area is detailed, organized and very professional.  Debbie is and always will be my greatest mentor.  This is because she has such a high level of integrity.

Debbie is a pillar of knowledge, strength, hope and character in the holistic and well-being community.

Her personality, spirituality, wit and charm, coupled with her desire to help others are infused in her work and her teachings.  

Debbie has been a true healer of people and of this planet and I encourage anyone who wishes to

grow and to heal to seek her counsel.

Heather H.