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Axiatonal Alignment
Energy Healing

Axiatonal Alignment Heal Yourself Natura

Axiatonal Alignment is a simple yet powerful healing modality that works along the meridian lines of the body.  It is done in three parts: the first part clears the meridians or Axiatonal lines of blocked energy allowing for the free flow of chi (ki or prana) energy.  The second part balances the right and left sides of the body and brain and the third part reconnects you to the Christ/group Consciousness grid. A session lasts 30 minutes.


Some possible benefits of an Axiatonal Alignment


  • Deep relaxation.  

  • A sense of well-being on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual 

  • Deeper meditation for those who meditate.

  • To powerfully boost the effects of other therapies such as Reiki, Massage, and Reflexology.

  • To balance, center, and focus the individual.

  • To help resolve issues through vivid dreams and memory flashbacks.

  • Immediate releases during or directly following a session.

  • To help to eliminate old thought patterns and behaviours from our lives and help us find new ones that are more appropriate for us at this time.


Axiatonal Alignment is for everyone!   It is a very gentle healing force that cannot cause harm in any way.  Axiatonal Alignment does not cure any specific problem but works on the entire self to promote balance and an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.  Axiatonal Alignment encourages your own innate ability to maintain a sense of balance and harmony.


What to expect during your Axiatonal Alignment session


You will be lying on a massage table in a relaxing and safe environment, fully clothed, with soothing music playing.  Your Axiatonal Alignment Practitioner will systematically move from the head down past the feet gently touching specific meridian points along the body.


Session Cost:  30 minutes $35.  

Interested in Studying Axiatonal Alignment?


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