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Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki Sessions and courses available


"Debbie is welcoming and kind. Her sessions are peaceful, gentle and truly effective. I feel relaxed, and energetically renewed. I'm very grateful to be able to also attend her Reiki Shares! ~ Stephanie Wells, Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki means "Universal Life Energy."  REI means Universal (spiritual wisdom) and has come to be accepted as the understanding of a deeper knowledge of spiritual consciousness that comes from the connection to God/Divine through the higher self.  KI means Life Energy (a.k.a. chi) and is known as the vital life force or universal life force that is present in all living things and emanates outward from the inner being.


Reiki was developed as a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  It also promotes healing.  Reiki is for everyone! Reiki adjusts to meet your needs so you will always receive the amount that is just right for you. It is a very gentle healing force that cannot cause harm in any way.  Reiki does not cure any specific problem but works on the entire self to promote balance and an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.  Reiki encourages your own innate ability to maintain a sense of balance and harmony.

Some possible benefits of Reiki


  • Supports the body's ability to heal itself naturally and at an accelerated rate

  • Re-energizing and integration of the body and soul.  This can re-establish a connection to many areas of your life

  • Promotes well-being on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual

  • Loosens up any blocked energy

  • Cleanses the body of toxins, thereby encouraging healing


What to expect during your Reiki session


You will be lying on a massage table in a relaxing and safe environment, fully clothed, with soothing music playing. Your Reiki practitioner's hands will be placed either on or just above the body and move down from the head to the feet. You may experience a number of sensations such as heat, throbbing, tingling, or pulsating.  Every experience with Reiki is unique


One important aspect of the Reiki approach is that you play a positive part in the session.  Your desire to be healed and being open to the possibility that Reiki may help you ensures that you will always receive some kind of benefit


Reiki session Cost:  60 minutes $70.

Interested in Studying Usui Reiki?


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