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Chair Massage
Seated Massage

Chair massage - a form or relaxation massage

Chair Massage is also known as Relaxation or Seated Massage.  Began in 1983 in the U.S. and has gradually grown in popularity since that time. What makes Chair Massage special is that it is performed while you are sitting down, fully clothed, without the use of creams or oils.  You are in a forward seated position in a comfortable, specially designed chair. Chair Massage is especially useful for tension and stress relief so most of the work is done on your back, shoulder, and neck areas.  


Chair Massage,  received on a regular basis, is a good way to prevent problems due to tension buildup, such as chronic back and neck pain, and headaches.  For this reason, chair massage is ideal for the workplace and can save companies money and lost productivity by preventing or lessening medical claims and sick leave and strengthening employee satisfaction.

Some possible benefits of Chair Massage


  • Decreases stress

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improved digestion

  • Relaxation

  • Lowers anxiety

  • Increases circulation

  • Boosts immune system

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Relieves muscle pains and headaches

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Generates more flexibility


What to expect during your Chair Massage


Chair Massage is performed while you are in a seated position in a specially designed chair.  The massage is performed over the clothes without any creams or oils.  This form of massage is especially useful for tension and stress relief.  The massage focuses on the back, shoulder, and neck areas.  Sessions are flexible in duration


Session Cost:  15 minutes $20.   30 minutes $35.


Contact us for special group Chair Massage rates for your event, company, or organization.  

Some benefits to employees are:  

  • Increases morale

  • Makes employees feel valued

  • Creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty

  • Reduces sick time and absenteeism

  • Reduces the high cost of employee turnover

  • Helps attract top talent to the company

  • Increases accuracy and creative thinking

  • Decreases workplace injuries

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